Learning Kubernetes the Easier Way

I started learning Kubernetes in earnest last Thanksgiving. I got the Black Friday deal for LinuxAcademey.com, and went through their course. In theory, it covered the requirements of the Certified Kubernetes Administrator, and maybe it did, but I didn’t learn all that much.

Next, I tried out the CNFC’s official online training. This was OK, but pretty dry.  I couldn’t really get into it, so I got frustrated and stopped about halfway through.

Finally, I went to Udemy.com and got Mumshad Mashewari’s excellent classes for the Certified Kubernetes Developer and the Certified Kubernetes Administrator. Both of them were very well done. What was different?
1. The videos were short, instructive, and professional.

2. After each video or two, there would be a link to an exercise on KodeKloud.com.

The videos were really good, but the link to the exercise allowed me to dig right in to the scenario we learned about.  There are guided questions during the exercise, which asks you to perform tasks, and if you get stuck there are hints.

No setup, script running, installing minikube, checking for running processes, or other hassle required. Answer the first question right (with kubectl commands) and you’ll advance. Pick the wrong answer and it’ll tell you. If it needs to set something up before asking the question, it’ll do that before it asks you, so you have things to debug/research/tease apart, just like in a real environment. Best of all, if you mess everything up, just reload the browser and start over.

If you haven’t checked out KodeKloud, you’re misssing out.