New Computer Software Install List

I recently got a new computer for work, and it’s taken a while to get all the tools I’m used to.  Here are the things I’ve missed in the last week in approximate order.

  • Launchy – keyboard launcher so I don’t have to click to find my apps.
  • CLCL – Clipboard manager so I can find things on my clipboard without having to copy them again.
  • UnixUtils – Windows commands that give you handy unix utilities: ls, find, grep, etc.
  • GVIM – Windows, Linux, and Mac compatible super-VI editor.
  • AutoHotKey – Remaps your keys to different keys, or provides global key shortcuts.
  • PuTTY –  Telnet and SSH client.
  • Cropper – Screen capture tool that goes to a file OR your clipboard.
  • Winamp – Music player with great radio stations and visualizations.
  • VLC – Video Lan Client plays almost any video file.
  • Virtualbox – Virtual machines are SO handy.
  • WinSCP – Windows-friendly tool for copying files to and from remote servers.
  • SoapUI – For hitting web services and parsing WSDL.  Plus, the latest version has a copy of TCPMon, which is like a wiretap for TCP communications.


There are also the different versions of Java and Ruby that are handy to have around.  In order to keep those straight I try to make a setupXXX.bat in the c:\ folder to set the environment variables for each.  That way each time I start a command window I can set the environment to what I need.

One tool I’ve always liked, but never have been able to use with discipline, is TiddlyWiki.  It’s like a wiki, but it runs locally in your browser.  It seems like it would be very handy for keeping track of lists, but I always use paper notebooks to keep my lists in, so I have at least ten separate versions that I start and don’t update.

Maybe now that I have a list where I can find it, I will be able to set up my next computer even faster.